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In this episode, I spoke with Brittani Hunter, the founder of a digital media platform that helps Black entrepreneurs and professionals advance their careers through smart, actionable resources.

She is a  culture-driven, media-tech entrepreneur that’s passionate about driving innovation and culture through technology. She is obsessed with building products that impact, influence, and elevate underserved markets.

Since launching Mogul Millennial, her startup has quickly grown to be a leading voice and source of content for professional Black millennials looking to elevate their careers and/or businesses.

We talked about where the idea of Mogul Millennial came from, what the journey was like to go full time as an entrepreneur, her vision for the company and some of the struggles with starting and growing a media startup as a solo founder.
We also share our love for freshly squeezed juices, entrepreneurship and startups.
Brittani is remarkably focused and driven, which is something you notice the moment you hear her speak. At the time of this interview, she was single-handedly managing over 40 writers and an operations team.
Since our conversation, Brittani has gone on to be accepted into Snap Inc’s Yellow Accelerator Program where Mogul Millennial will be polished into one of the new great media companies.
You can contact Brittani  by email at or on Twitter at @BrittaniLHunter
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More information on where you can learn about Brittani or more about Mogul Millennial.

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