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Sam (@thesamparr) and Shaan (@shaanvp) are joined today by Sophie Amoruso, a serial entrepreneur, author and one of the youngest (and richest) self made women in the world. She's done it all starting with building retail up and comer Nasty Gal which received $65M in funding and did over $300m in revenue. Then she wrote a New York Times best-selling book which then turned into a Netflix show - consequenctly it turned into a media company that was acquired last year for a reported 8-figure sum.Today they talk about Sophia's controversial tweet about The Bachelor (1:06), The many cars she's owned (2:23), About her background and businesses (4:45), The story of Nasty Gal: $30m revenue, Index putting $50M investment and her selling life changing secondary (6:44), Expectations after raising venture capital (11:31), Starting conference businesses (15:54), Being a starter vs. operator (17:16), Downsides of being the CEO (20:52), How she got her book to sell 500K copies (24:54), Her investment portfolio of startups and funds (29:17), What's in store for her in the next 10 years? (32:45), Freemium vs Subscription for content (37:13), Opportunities and trends she's seen in the media + retail space (40:06) and Sam's great book recommendation with a horrible - How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis (43:27)Today's ep is possible because of Superside! Head to to hire a dedicated team of designers!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
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