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What's your vision for the future?

Thank you for joining the community. It is very important to ensure that the Gritly team focuses on what the community needs. We need your help to do this.ย 

Forum - A space to have meaningful conversations with other black millennial entrepreneursย 

Blogs - Curated and original blog posts around millennial life, startups, health, wellness, relationships and entrepreneurshipย 

Curated news - news aggregator from around the web on black millennial entrepreneurship themed news brought to you in a Curated feedย 

Podcast feed- Basically we go and search for the best black millennial entrepreneurship-focused/life podcasts and serve them in a feedย 

Curated Resources - We scrape the web looking for free resources for entrepreneurs and serve them up, you will have the ability to search based on your location, so you're informed of all the opportunities available in your current city and on the web.ย 

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What area of Gritly is most important to you?
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