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What's your motivation?

I've spoken to quite a few podcasters recently and it's quite clear that we are very passionate about our niche areas of interest and storytelling.  

Curious to know what is your ultimate motivation for launching and maintaining a podcast. It requires a lot of work, most of us don't make money but yet we still do it. 

Chime in 👋🏾

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  • Main reason is to reach out and be the voice of my community. Our podcast, we only have one episode, is geared to our membership site for starters. We want them involved and we want them to feel like they are worth talking about. Eventually, of course, it will be a marketing tool for the broader audience. Currently, it is a continuation of our mission. 

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    • I've been an entertainer for my entire life, from singing to art to acting. This podcast gives me creative outlet as well as a chance to entertain!

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      • That's a lot of knowledge and experience there. Do you have online courses where you teach and pass on some of that knowledge? 

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        • TBH, between work, the podcast, and taking care of a 2 year old I'm stretched about to the limit. If the podcast were to the point that I didn't also have to work 50+ hours to pay the bills...

          What's the old saying about Jack of all trades, master of none...

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          • I completely understand.  I recently interviewed about 8 podcasters as part of the research for this platform development.  Interestingly enough, 100% of podcasters will leave a corporate job to run their shows full time, if they made the equivalent in earnings.  

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