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Titilayo Ogunrinde
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"Long live the rose that grew from concrete."

Poetics aside, I've always identified with this particular lyric because it's an accurate depiction of my personal and professional journey. The rose that grew from concrete is meant to symbolize thriving despite the odds of your circumstances.

But how does that relate to me?

I started out with a plan to become an attorney. I would've been the first in my family to do so. But you know what they say about making plans and God laughing. Suffice to say, It didn't work out. In not wanting to give up, I spent a lot of time trying to take the relevant experience I had gained and apply it to a career in the legal field. During this time, I held quite a few different positions(because while on the journey to find your career, you still have bills to pay): bank teller, customer service associate, student manager, marketing intern,content creator and other valuable roles all while still figuring out how to work in law without being a lawyer.

You might be wondering if I'm working in law now. The answer is pleasant "No". It took being knocked down a few times(ok, more than a few) and gaining experience in different areas to realize that my real passion lies in helping people, and getting creative while doing it.

The rose isn't beautiful in spite of the concrete, but rather because of it. If I've learned anything over the past few years, it is that there is beauty in resilience. This is a lesson I intend to bring with me wherever this journey takes me next.

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