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Kevin Murat
A little about me:
Whatever the masses are doing, simply do the opposite.ย My name is really Stervinsky but I go by Kevin. Interesting fact about how I got that name; my dad read a book about a famous, popular Russian composer, Igor Stravinsky. He felt it was appropriate to name me after his favorite composer. I'm charismatic and easy-going with a purpose driven life to serve others.ย I'm an Entrepreneur that help local businesses and other professionals yield high return on their bottom line. I am also the founder of Regium Athletics, a fitness and street-wear clothing apparel. I have plans on creating a sport performance and rehab facility, to help athletes get stronger and stay healthy through proper rehabilitation exercises. Furthermore, I look forward to raise awareness on Track and Field, given that it is second most popular sport in the world. For some odd reason it's not advertise unless it's the Olympics. My true passion is building a legacy that will stand the test of time.I don't know much and can be wrong at times but I'm dedicated to grow 1% each and every day, open-minded, have the willingness to collaborate in building long-lasting partnerships. All I want out of life is to see fellow people succeed in all areas of their life. One thing that excites me is speaking engagements as an aspiring public speaker. The topics that I usually cover are; personal development, self-mastery, financial stability, health, and spiritual growth. I believe my mission in life is inspire lasting value in the lives of people around me.ย 
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Connect with Podcasters, Get Resources , Join a support structure, Get feedback on my Podcast, Get Sponsorship, Other , Learn more about Podcasting , Find a business partner
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With resources that can help me get to the next level in my career
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Digital Media Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Content Creation, Email Marketing, SEO and social media management

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e.g Public speaking
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Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
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