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Anthony Powell
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Anthony Powell is the founder of Legal Linda, an artificially intelligent legal assistant that engages with law firm prospects to convert them into clients as well as streamline their intake process. Anthony believes the standard for lawyer-client communication is dated and that both law firms and consumers need a more effective way to communicate.

Before graduating in 2018 with a Masters Degree in Information Technology Management from The George Washington University, Anthony spent time interning on the IT project management team for Navy Federal Credit Union. Upon graduation, he moved back to Florida and began doing independent freelance work for different brands including Best Kids Inc. of Washington D.C. and the University of South Florida.

Above all, Anthony is a loving individual who enjoys connecting with people. He’d love to connect with you!

"Thinking beyond the box is not an option, but an obligation. It's the only way to remain optimistic."
- Dr. Elias Carayannis

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- Customer Discovery and Development

-Product & Project Management


-Conversational Experiences

- Networking

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e.g Public speaking
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Tampa, FL, United States
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