Damani Rhodes

Hi, i'm :
Damani Rhodes
A little about me:

Hey guys! I'm the founder of DrumTrax, an education platform that helps drummers explore their own creativity and find their own voice. We do that with our growing library of over 300+ drum lessons and the best drum-less play along tracks on the internet.

I'm a musician/composer/producer who plays multiple instruments and am leaning into my skills as a music creative to meet the needs of other musicians. I love food and thought provoking conversations. I love to learn and to be inspired. I'm excited to connect with, learn from, and be inspired by all of you.

My gender pronouns are:
My Podcast website:
Motivation for joining :
Connect with Podcasters
How you can help me out:
The Gritly community can support me by sharing resources and things they come across that may be helpful to my business as well. Also by sharing wins and the lessons that come with the losses. Let's learn from all of each others experiences.
What i'm good at:

Music/Production/Producing/Audio Engineering

What i'd like to learn is :
e.g Public speaking
My location :
Sacramento, CA, United States
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