Owner of African Amerian Graphic Designers

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Hi, I'm Adrian. I love problem-solving and community building. I started Gritly to create a space and a destination where podcasters and creatives can connect and collaborate. Knowledge sharing, support and valuable discussions form the ethos of the Gritly community. Podcasters face very unique challenges and there is no blueprint for success, however, with our community, we'll navigate this journey together. Other fun facts:- Social architect - Bringing people together using physical spaces and code. Empowering a generation, catalyst connector, media. telling stories of the builders and future shapers of our community. - I am an electro-Mechanical engineer - I still work full-time as a medical device design engineer - A young father of 1 beautiful young lady - A loving husband - Love audiobooks, podcasts, and documentaries - Habitual walker and I count my steps (Join our walking group) - Love tech and coding- I've developed over 25 products To know more, connect and let's chat.