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Grit & Grind Season 1 Ep. 2 - Creating a new travel experience with a digital concierge
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  •  · Adrian Claudius-Cole 🏆
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After 10+ years working in the hospitality industry, Samella had seen her fair share of inefficiencies. One in particular that she couldn't get over was the guest experience. There was a gap between the guest and the host that desperately needed to be bridged. Think of My-Cierge as your very own digital concierge that enables the curation of your travel and stay experience by your host. Simply put, Your host now has the power to offer you more than just a place to sleep. My-Cierge specializes in creating experiences, providing real-time communication and helping streamline hosts day-to-day operations.  What's interesting is that she had no experience in tech and no industry connections when
Well-Rounded Coaches Corner
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  •  · Milton Spence
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   All Episodes Welcome to the family! You'll hear so much on these shows that it will **** your mind. Life coaching, motivation, tips and tricks, and all the way real. We talk about everything in the Coaches Corner! The Coaches Corner is a place where you come to not only be coached through life, but gain the tools to use practically within every situation!