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Justin Wallace
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Small town man with big dreams, I've worked logistics/warehouses most my life. Been married for 4 years now and had 2 boys whom are the biggest assholes in my life. I'm an open book and reply with nothing but honesty, if I had to list off my biggest strengths it would be honesty, integrity, and hard work...my biggest weakness, I care to much about anything I've invested time in.
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I'd rather not say
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My cohost Mitch and I touch base on multiple topics, so if you like learning something new everyday we might be the podcast for you...learning, laughs, and questionable morals. Hop on in and join the ride with Carpool Shenanigans!
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Connect with Podcasters, Join a support structure, Get feedback on my Podcast, Learn more about Podcasting , Form New Friendships
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Introductions, topics, segment ideas

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