Ireọlá Ọláifá

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Ireọlá Ọláifá
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Ireọlá Ọláifá is an Educator and solutions-focused entrepreneur with nearly a decade of professional experience working as a consultant across continents, namely Alkebu-Lan (‘Africa’) and North America, with educational leadership and community development organizations. Her work centers on nurturing deeper meaning and understanding in the learning process to assist people lead purposeful and empowered lives. Honoring a multi-dimensional pedagogy, Ms. Ọláifá has assisted institutes and social organizations to develop competency-based curricula and direct organizational structure, personnel growth, and conflict resolution processes. A student of life and driven by results, Ms. Ọláifá focuses on building and strengthening apparatus designed to produce wholistic and pragmatic solutions for people with a sense of high-context stewardship towards their respective responsibilities.

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