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Hey family!
My name is Quilla. I'm 45. Just celebrated 10yrs of marriage. I have 3 children ages 20, 17, and 1. My hometown is Flint, MI but I've lived in Georgia for the past 16 years.
I have a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Business.
I was born with Spina Bifida and I also have hydrocephalus.
I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, all things Jesus, graphic designing, and public speaking .
I started my podcast journey January 2020
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You ever felt like your life was full of chaos? No? Well, my mine surely has been! From being born w/Spina Bifida, date ***** as a teen, married young, divorced, RE-married, baby after 40, and A WHOLE LOT OF OTHER STUFF IN BETWEEN 😧! My hope is that by sharing my chaotic stories & REDEFINING them, others can do the same. We must
realize how God WAS & IS always there. Let's give chaos a new definition! Y'all ready??
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Connect with Podcasters, Get Resources , Join a support structure, Get feedback on my Podcast, Get Sponsorship, Learn more about Podcasting , Form New Friendships
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I am here to mix, mingle, learn, teach, explore and whatever else happens
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Speaking. Graphic design. Emotional support. Teaching.

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#podcasting #overcomer #survivor #daterape
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