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Eric Ryan Jones
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Podcast description: is a new and growing community of individuals working to find work in today’s marketplace. For now, we are developing a podcast, and we are currently seeking unemployed individuals to join me in an interview-style podcast. We will talk about your past roles, your strengths, your weaknesses, your hopes, and your dreams. In return, we will publicly post the podcast for others to hear and get to know you. We will also publish a page on our site with a direct link to some vital information about you and an embedded version of your interview.

Our hope is that you can use this medium as a way to introduce yourself to new opportunities in the market and allow companies to get to know you beyond your resume.
Motivation for joining :
Connect with Podcasters, Get Resources , Join a support structure, Get feedback on my Podcast, Get Sponsorship, Learn more about Podcasting , Form New Friendships
My Podcasts
Let's learn about Internal Recruiters by talking to my good friend and internal Slalom Recruiter Brian Smith!
Olga is a seasoned veteran of the Hospitality industry having first cut her teeth working the front desk at an Atlanta IHG property. She later worked her way up and was overseeing a portfolio of 200 properties and owners across the West Coast and South West. There is a lot more to learn so take a listen and get to know Olga Triplett!
We all have to start somewhere. This is the first episode of the Fired Before Christmas podcast. It's just me talking about why I'm doing this, a bit of background on my own experience being downsized, and other fun bits of trivia about me.
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