Friday 11/ 17 - Today on the show we did a recap of our Change 4 Change Radiothon, benefiting The Gathering for Justice Organization- a non profit organization founded by Harry Belafonte which sponsors movements such as the "Women's March, Colin Kaepernicks "Know Your Rights Campaign , @kaepernick7’s KnowYourRights campaign and the NY Justice League. We raised over 700,000 dollars all thanks to our celeb friends such as Will I Am who started it off by donating 50,000 dollars, Kevin Hart, Eminem, Diddy and of course our loyal listeners really helped out as well. Also Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Joseline Hernandez for having a diss record towards Cardi B. During the recap we also had visits from T- Pain where he spoke about his new album, not getting respect in his home town Tallahassee and more. Moreover, Safari gave us a visit as well, where he spoke about his rapping skills, Nicki Minaj and more. 
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