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My name is Amanda Palma and I am 29. I was born in England but raised here in the United States against my will lol. I love to network and meet new people. Some of my hobbies are singing and going to the beach And enjoying quality time with friends and family. Natural hair is my thing!

Embrace Ya Curlz was launched on April 20th, 2018. I  saw there was an issue in the African American hair community. The weaves, chemicals and perms that many African American women were putting into their hair was very damaging and hazardous to their health. Although many women were aware and were going natural, there was still plenty of women who didn’t believe they can go natural because they believed their natural state of hair wasn’t pretty enough. I would hear things like “my hair isn’t curly” or “my hair is too nappy to go natural”. It was apparent that many women didn’t have the confidence to embrace the natural state of their hair. I was determined to create a movement that would bring light to the beauty of African American hair.

The purpose of my brand Embrace Ya Curlz is to motivate women to love and embrace their hair and wear it unapologetically. Our goal is to instill self confidence in the natural hair melanated Queen so they wear it and not hide it. We strive to provide natural hair tools for women to simplify the natural hair journey and apparel to spread the love for natural hair and empower women to feel beautiful when they rock their natural curlz. 

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