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Hi, I'm Adrian. I love problem-solving and community building. I started Gritly to create a space and a destination where podcasters and creatives can connect and collaborate. Knowledge sharing, support and valuable discussions form the ethos of the Gritly community. Podcasters face very unique challenges and there is no blueprint for success, however, with our community, we'll navigate this journey together. Other fun facts:- Social architect - Bringing people together using physical spaces and code. Empowering a generation, catalyst connector, media. telling stories of the builders and future shapers of our community. - I am an electro-Mechanical engineer - I still work full-time as a medical device design engineer - A young father of 1 beautiful young lady - A loving husband - Love audiobooks, podcasts, and documentaries - Habitual walker and I count my steps (Join our walking group) - Love tech and coding- I've developed over 25 products To know more, connect and let's chat.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
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Sis, why are fashion carpets are red? Is it to mirror the parting of the Red Sea; red carpets are our reminder to walk confidently in who He has called us to be? Things that make us go hmmm. Fashion guru, J. Bolin and SJR share some dope truths about destiny and purpose; when God makes deposits on our purpose, we may not get to make an instant withdrawal. Sis, catch that word! • Need a therapist ( New hobby ( Mailing packages ( use code Evolve)?
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The beautiful “raging cajun” DawnCheré Wilkerson shares that cooking for her family is a new found hobby and W.E. are curious to know if she uses Lawry's on her eggs. Both ladies discuss the importance of faith during the pandemic and how little control we had pre-pandemic. Want more of DawnChere? Catch her at Woman Evolve 2020! • SJR is plugging us in at to learn more about what interests us, for creative kid projects, and to better our food habits.
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Chhiiillleee, boss babe Arian Simone came through dropping gems! While collecting yours, don’t forget about the pot of gold - it’s YOU sis! SJR spoke with Arian about what it means to ‘keep your light on’, how to confront, acknowledge, and overcome life’s challenges to live a fearlessly, and the importance of finding gratitude in the midst of rejection.
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A season of being lost hits differently when we have the wisdom God has given another woman that’s been found. Mama/First Lady Serita shares how she’s evolved as a woman, being able to navigate the pandemic, and so much more with SJR and the Delegation.
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Delegation, you’ve asked SJR about conquering nerves when public speaking and not only did sis answer then, but she brought us a heavy weight — Charlotte Stallings! Not only did she give great speaking tips, but she also discussed being vulnerable, knowing your audience, and the importance of preparation. Sis, consider this a preview of what you’ll experience during Woman Evolve 2020 from Charlotte!
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Chhiiilllleee, we’re fancy! The Woman Evolve podcast network is growing just like us. Our favorite therapist has her very own podcast called In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips. Sis, if you know, you know! With her mother as a special guest, Dr. Anita is able to take us on a journey, explaining why the intersection of faith and mental health is such a sweet spot for her. Be sure to subscribe, rate, & share this episode, don’t be selfish sis! • As promised, Lost and Found interviews with SJR is coming soon!
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SJR & the Delegation pulled up on each other for the SZN 6 finale. Per usual, a major cut up session took place, but so did the grabbing of a W O R D (chhiiillleee, listen for yours and apply it). The moment we least look forward to, the end of a season. Oh but guess what?! Better is coming sis, stay tuned!! • SJR want you to save sis — Avoid the quarantine 15 with the help of, share your feelings with a professional from, & sharpen your skills on
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Listen closely and you’ll hear our special guest SJR’Eve — sis was in and out but her presence was felt! The Delegation’s patience is clearly running out because rescues were harder to come by than essential household items. SJR touched on speaking with compassion, surrendering, and being a rider without all the info! • Refine your skills with while the kids check out an animated book from Quarantine wins that level the whole family up!
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Chhiiillleee, we should have known this was going to be one of thoooose episodes when the Delegation decided to give up on 2020. Does The Cheesecake Factory deciding not to pay their landlord come off to you as ratchet or righteous? Sis, we can see both sides, so let's just say it was a balanced decision. The Delegation wouldn't be the Delegation without laughter, so sis get ready to cut up with SJR (and PT) over McRona fries. SJR shares a few tips on how to navigate through any unfamiliar season.
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We were B L E S S E D by wisdom from SJR’s son Malachi. Young sir gathered us all, had us ready start a zoom call to get his Man Thou Art Loosed conference off the ground..because, bruh! The Delegation was gentle, showed him the ropes on how we seldom rescue foolishness (or good sense if we’re honest). • SJR is the discount plug, sis is sharing! On, plug in offer code EVOLVE & save some coins on shipping sis. Relax and save money during Rona (and beyond) with meditation from
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Our MYBM meetings are the cheat code to Big 'Rona's CDC limited gathering recommendation. We took a break from our usual format to kick back and chat; SJR checked in on the Delegation, covered a few advice questions, and shared her Corona Survival Kit. • Quarantine the Delegation & watch us make something shake! Our waists will be more snatched with the help of, our minds clear with & our skills will be more lit with
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The Delegation passed out floaties left and right, even had to save SJR from her Eve-ish tendencies. Sis got it together, shared some dope Hail Mary stories, offered a few of our sisters some advice on family dynamics and how to assess an already busy schedule when adding a new hobby. The snack? Sis, the snack was so timely for this culture of social media perfection. • Sis, has personalized skincare products, don't sleep! Speaking of sleep, has a helpful meditation app.
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