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Adora West
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I specialize in increasing credit scores and educating on Financial literacy. I am a Medical and Financial Social Worker. I own Sham's Law Financial Services and I am.on the board of 2 nonprofit organizations call The Greater Fort Lauderdale Diaper Bank and R.I.S.E Enrichment program.

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Connect with Podcasters, Get Resources , Join a support structure, Learn more about Podcasting , Find a business partner , Form New Friendships
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Gritly can help me out by connecting me to right people to help me grow, possible leads and referrals. I am also looking to develop a team of business partners to assis in educating families in our community in regards to financial literacy and the power
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I am good at being resourceful, sharing information, thinking outside.of the box, educating and increasing credit score.

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Adora West
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North Lauderdale, FL, United States
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